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Basil Hampton

Basil Hampton, also known as “Doc Rise,”  estimates with Macker dunk contests on the tour and dunk contests put on by other groups he competed in as many as 125 contests over a six or seven-year stretch. In one year on the Gus Macker World Tour he remembers winning 17 dunk contests – consecutively. Steve…

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James Mullen & Tom Revoir

Jamey Mullen and Tom Revoir lead the Norwich, N.Y. tournament that Scott McNeal, a.k.a. Gus Macker, said is a clear snapshot of the modern Macker. “It’s a great small town and the Macker shuts it down like a county fair where it’s all about family and kids and the same two guys have created this…

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Tony Wysinger

Gus Macker, a.k.a. Scott McNeal, remembers Tony Wysinger being carried off a tournament court after winning the Top Men’s competition one year at the Peoria Gus Macker. “It was the first time I saw a Macker crowd react like that, and they were so happy for the team that it looked like a scene you…

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Kathy MacLean figures the answer to why Gus Macker Basketball has been a huge summer hit in Ludington for 27 years is as simple as location, location, location. “Who wouldn’t want to play basketball at the beach?” Ludington is a Lake Michigan beach town that annually attracts 800 to 900 teams to play 3-on-3 in…

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TO Otteman & Dr. Lori

Dr. Tim “T.O.” Otteman and Dr. Lori Irwin of Mt. Pleasant, Mich., two Central Michigan professors, add class to the Gus Macker Hall of Fame. They also teach a class. Otteman and Irwin lead the effort at Central Michigan where they have created a class (RPL 333 Production of Festivals and Events) that with 35…

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