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DreamKids: Macker’s Youngest Stars

When inducted five years ago into the Macker Hall of Fame, Dawson Wood was age 12, Chase Kinzinger, 13, Trenton Cooper, 11, Jalen Broussard, 12, and Jamoni Jones, 11. They were nicknamed the DreamKids, and to Gus Macker they were a clear reflection of the growing popularity of Macker among the younger set. They are the youngest ever to be named to the Hall, and they are still playing. Dawson, Chase and Trenton hail from Cedar Springs, Mich. Jalen is from East Grand Rapids, and Jamoni from Kentwood. “We wanted to choose somebody reflective of today’s Gus Macker Tournaments while they were still at that age, and these guys were absolute stars on the Dream Court,” Gus says. As the story goes, in a Macker game on Dream Court in Mount Pleasant about seven years ago the DreamKids were playing a team they probably didn’t deserve to beat. “But they did because Dawson hits this jumper from way downtown as we count down the clock, and it’s his birthday so I go with that and make a big deal about it, and the kid goes home and sleeps with the trophy,” Gus says. “It was great stuff."

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