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James Mullen & Tom Revoir


Jamey Mullen and Tom Revoir lead the Norwich, N.Y. tournament that Scott McNeal, a.k.a. Gus Macker, said is a clear snapshot of the modern Macker.

“It’s a great small town and the Macker shuts it down like a county fair where it’s all about family and kids and the same two guys have created this great atmosphere for 25 years – Jamey and Tom,” he said. “Those two guys have the Macker spirit and the tournament reflects them.”

Mullen and Revoir have led the YMCA of Norwich, N.Y., efforts in hosting a Macker annually for the last 24 years. The tournament benefits the many community charities served by the YMCA.

“To partner with a company that is committed to local charities is second to none,” Mullen, the CEO of the Norwich Family YMCA said. “Knowing that Scott McNeal took his love of basketball and made a professional organization from that passion, and remained committed to local communities through that charitable arm should be commended. To be affiliated with that passion and dedication is an honor.”

Revoir, sports director for the YMCA, said he is humbled by being named to the Hall.

“While each year it may get tougher and tougher to host such an event, I continue to say to myself that this event is for the kids – kids of all ages,” he said. “When I say this to myself, it rejuvenates me.  However, if there was a way to recognize our community as a whole to be inducted into the hall of fame, I would choose that. It is Norwich that deserves this. Without the countless hours my committee and all other volunteers for our event put in, this could never take place.  Norwich is a community that thrives on events. Volunteers are the life-bread of our community.  They are the true champions.”

Jamey and Tom run a model Macker, and often contribute to the national Macker conference and help other Macker organizing groups figure out how to run a tournament.

The setting in the streets of Norwich is beautiful, too. It’s truly a great Macker in a great location run by great people, Macker Hall of Famers.