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Joe “Smoothie” Killinger and Art “Maui Legend” Finger

They are known as the original Gus Busters. Joe and Art were two Macker national staff leaders and pioneers in the GusBuster program. These days most tournaments use registered officials, but in the early years players called their own fouls. In 1985 it was Joe and Art who brought the Central Michigan University Intramural and Recreation students to Lowell to act as court monitors. Joe worked for Macker for 12 years and was known as "Smoothie" because he was a professional who carried a brief case and had a smile on his face. Art worked with Macker for almost 20 years, starting as a substitute in Belding and working his way up to Superbuster and Headbuster positions. He also mentored other Busters across the country. Gus says they brought peace to Mackerville. They were inducted in 2008 during the 35th anniversary celebration.

Joe Smootie Killinger and Art Maui Legend Finger