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Judge Connors and His Ann Arbor Squad

Judge Timothy Connors and his Macker team went into the Hall of Fame five years ago remembering teammate Vada Murray, an Ann Arbor policeman and former University of Michigan defensive back, who succumbed to cancer in 2011. “I want this to be about Vada because he was so special,” Connors said at the induction. “He died of lung cancer and never smoked, but he was a great athlete, a wonderful person, a great father, a great teammate who inspired young people and served his community as a police officer.” Murray, who played on three Rose Bowl teams for Bo Schembechler, was a key part of the Judge’s Macker team that went by the name “Boru” in honor of the Irish warrior (Brian Boru) who threw the Vikings out of Ireland in 1000 A.D. The team also included Ann Arbor police officers Chris Wooley and Tony Williams. Gus Macker is not surprised Judge Connors wants everybody to remember Vada. “The Judge is that kind of guy,” he says. “He’s a special character.”

Judge Connors and his Ann Arbor squad mhof