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Larry Wray

It can’t be confirmed, but we hear it went down like this: Gus Macker stumbled into a room behind some gas station in Ohio. It was dark, eerie and foreboding. He finds Larry Wray seated at a desk, and doesn’t waste time with small talk. “I got an offer you can’t refuse Godfather,” Gus stammers. “Will you be in our Hall of Fame?” Joining the Macker Hall of Fame was indeed an offer Wray couldn’t refuse. He is the “Godfather of Macker” in Ohio because as Gus says, his teams have ruled with a top men’s team entrant for years and years.  “It seemed like you would go to the top court and there he was,” Gus says. “They call him Larry Legend down there.” Wray used to own some BP gas stations in the Columbus area and thus the team named Wray’s BP for the Macker team led by Ohio’s Larry Legend and his son Scott, or Scooter to Gus Macker folks. Wray estimated when inducted to the Hall five years ago that a Wray’s BP team has played in well over 100 Mackers, and he was proud of two national championships and two runner-up finishes in top men’s play.

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