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General Site Set-up Begins 


Player-Team Registration- located in the Big Tent at the Corner of Bridge St. and Main St. in the field. 



Player-Team Registration- Big Tent on the corner of Bridge St. and Main St. 


Opening Ceremonies- "Everyone Welcome" on Dream Court  


Games Begin on all courts 


Dream Court Games 


  • Stahlin Enclosures Slam Dunk Contest 



Free Pancake Breakfast- Big Tent corner of Bridge St. and Main St. 


Games Begin on all courts 


Dream Court action continues 


Championship Games 

10:00am- 6:00pm 

Trophy Presentations for all games- Big Tent corner of Bridge St. and Main St. 

Bounce Back to Belding, The Home of Gus Macker

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Gus Macker Basketball, enjoying its 43rd year, has called Belding home for the last 30 years, and all the homies show up.Gus, of course, has a lot of homies, and it's not unusual to run into somebody who played in the early days of Macker and is now showing up to watch grandhomies play.

The cool part of spanning three generations of basketball players is that the enjoyment, exercise, competition and community closeness created by a Macker remain at the same above-the-rim levels.It's still crazy fun after all these years, even if we still use the late 19th century urban slang word "homies" to describe our friends.

And it all seems right at home in Belding where the courts are set up in the downtown streets, including Main Street where Macker HQ is located. This year it's set for Aug. 5-6. Put it on your calendars, digital and otherwise.

Macker has evolved over the years and added things like the popular "Dream Court" for the kids. Belding's annual event, of course, is always the proving ground. The new stuff is always tried in Belding first before it goes on the Macker Tour.Yes, years ago Belding was the "Mecca" Macker that once attracted over 5,000 teams and their friends and families. It remains the one Macker that Macker lovers are urged to play at least once just to say they played it.

If you haven't been out in a while, change that this year. Dust off the Jordans or even Chuck Taylors, and get your game in shape. Bring the kids, and yes, even the grandkids.Along the way Gus Macker Tournaments became an old-fashioned way to have family fun, and yet remains cool. Embrace it again, or for the first time. Belding is still in the same place. Put 107 East Main in your GPS and you will find us because that is the HQ address for summer hoops in the streets.

Belding, MI

August 5 - 6

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