Jack Galatio - The Prince of Macker

Thats right, we said it! The eighteen year old basketball star out of Hornell, NY has been dubbed the Prince of Macker ever since he was just a little kid. Jack Galatio plays basketball for his high school team in Hornell as well as AAU. Jack and his teammates Sam Dagon and Liam Ebert mainly travel the New York tour. They go by the name “The Rapids”. Jacks father, Dan (a.k.a. the king), is the lead organizer for the Hornell Macker. Dan said “As he gets older, I wouldn’t be surprised to see him and his team travel a little more. Jacks plan is to play in every Macker!” The Prince has been playing in america’s original 3 on 3 for ten years, winning ten trophies. That is one trophy every year, six of them being first place. 

Jack said that his favorite part about playing in Gus Macker is “having my cousins come to town for the weekend to play in the tournament, and trying to coordinate trying to watch all the different games on 3 or 4 different courts.”. According to Jack the best part of the tournament is the good competition and how fun the games are.  He also enjoys watching the city host thousands of people in a weekend and going back to normal like nothing ever happened. 

Keep your eyes out for Jack, Sam and Liam as they take on the 2016 Macker season. Good luck boys!