Mascots Go Head to Head

The Mascot Game, hosted every tournament weekend on Saturday at noon, has quickly become a fan favorite at the Syracuse-Cicero Gus Macker. The popular game features mascots from local businesses on court as they move their giant foam heads around the court and attempt to dribble, shoot, pass and even run. The laughs are always a guarantee, and of course the on-court banter from the PA Announcers makes it an even bigger hit for the spectators. 

Once the Mascot Game is over (to the delight of the people inside the costumes... keep in mind it's noon on a hot August day!), the entertainment shifts to the famous Macker Girls Dance Team. They are the only one of their kind on the entire tour. The Macker Girls perform routines to the Macker theme song and other popular songs, and get the crowd moving in dance-offs and line dances. 

All in all, the Syracuse-Cicero Gus Macker has become more than just a weekend of great basketball competition. They have built a reputation of being always entertaining, for all ages, all weekend long!