Triple Threat: The Future Stars of Macker

The journey of Triple Threat begins with Troy Domen and Caleb Foster. Troy and Caleb have known each other since they were in the second grade because their sisters played AAU basketball together. The two boys have been very good friends ever since. Caleb’s parents introduced Gus Macker to Troy in 2014 when they were the Toilet bowl Champions in Olean, New York. Ever since, Troy and Caleb have loved every minute of Gus Macker.

Troy continued to play in a couple tournaments around the Middlefield, Ohio area. During that time Troy met Chase Eye, forming a friendship. In the off-season, the boys remained in touch. Chase also plays for the Ohio Bombers baseball team, so he introduced his friend Drew Denham to Troy and Caleb. Once Macker season was starting the four boys became “Triple Threat” featuring Troy Domen, Caleb Foster, Chase Eye and Drew Denham. This is only the beginning of Triple Threat’s journey in Gus Macker Basketball.

The boys of Triple Threat have won first place in Warren, Pennsylvania and Olean, New York. Because Chase and Drew have a lot of success with the Ohio Bombers they can’t always make each tournament, they have to find others who can play in their spots. All together, counting the Warren and Olean tournaments Triple Threat has came in first place in six Gus Mackers and once in second.

There are many reasons why Triple Threat travels so far to play in Gus Macker tournaments. First and foremost, the boys love them. It also mentally prepares them for when they get older and play basketball as well as teaches them how to be aggressive on the court. Last, but not least, they are a whole lot of fun to be in.