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Shawn Biggs

Shaun, a Wyoming, Mich., resident, is a numbers guy. He knows how many Macker Tournaments he has played in since 1994, how far he traveled to each of them, how many teammates he has played with and how many times his teams finished first, second or third. Gus Macker calls him the "Quiet Stat Man." He keeps his numbers in a three-ring binder he brings with him every tournament, but the numbers are not the only reason that for years he played in Macker after Macker in city after city almost every weekend through the summer.  “Mackers and the friends I have there are my family for the most part,” he says. “I had a rough childhood. My parents weren’t around much. I see all my friends when I go to a Macker. It’s become a lifestyle for me, and helped keep me going.” Gus Macker said there are old school street ball guys telling him their Macker stats all the time. "This guy represents them, though he is quiet about it."

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