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SPECIAL HONOREE: Coach Dick Parfitt


Special Honorees are not part of anniversary classes, but are recognized for outstanding contributions to Gus Macker Basketball. Dick Parfitt was the head coach at Central Michigan when Gus Macker, a.k.a. co-founder Scott McNeal, was going to college there and dreaming of being a college basketball coach. The Macker events, of course, took on the CMU colors, but also received support from Parfitt in many ways. “He was Sugar’s (Macker Hall of Famer Melvin McLaughlin) coach, the coach for so many of the early great college players who came to our driveway,” Gus says. “And he defended us as a place for good players to go play. Our getting NCAA sanctioned came out of his support. He has just been a great friend and mentor to us.”

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