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Special honorees are not part of an anniversary class of the Hall of Fame, but are recognized for outstanding contributions to Gus Macker Basketball. Ernie Cryer was made for the Macker, says Gus Macker. Cryer, a veteran basketball official, public safety officer with the Grand Rapids Public Schools and a star player on the 1968 Grand Rapids (Mich.) Ottawa Hills state championship basketball team, passed away in 2010 after a battle with leukemia. “Ernie was so special, and one of the guys who for more than 20 years traveled around the country with us, worked with us and was just this positive, entertaining guy,” Gus says. “We miss him.” Ernie spent the winters officiating college basketball, and the summers working as a Macker staffer. He is credited for starting what is now a common practice for Macker events - using registered officials. A religious man, Ernie was a great role model and mentor to many, and when officiating a game you knew who was in charge. It was Ernie.

Ernie Cryer mhof