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SPECIAL HONOREES: Dean Wallin, Don Stabenow

Special honorees are not part of an anniversary class, but recognized for outstanding contributions to Gus Macker Basketball. Don "The Bracketologist" Stabenow and Dean "Mr. Happy" Wallin, were the originators of the GusBuster system following the early call-your-own days. They were professors in the recreation department at Central Michigan University in the 1970s and 80s, and Gus Macker credits them with inventing the Gus Busters system. “They brought a group of students to be the first Gus Busters in Lowell, and right away the games were so much better,” Gus says. “We’ve evolved from there to having registered officials on the courts, but they helped us answer the call when calling your own wasn’t working any longer."

Don Stabenow, Dean Wallin mhof