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Steven “Preacher” Lee

Steven “Preacher” Lee’s grandfather, Major James, a preacher by trade, used to take a young Steven with him everywhere. People called Major “Big Preacher” and Steven “Little Preacher,” and the Preacher part of the name stuck and has become part of Gus Macker Hall of Fame lore. Inducted during the 25th anniversary celebration in 1999, the Grand Rapids, Mich., resident has been involved in one way or another with Macker basketball since 1983 after his freshman year at Creston High School. His first Macker was in the original Macker driveway on Elizabeth Street in Lowell. “First one, we came in third, but it was first place for 16 straight years after that,” he said. “I played with pretty much the same group of guys, Bobby Taylor and Chuck Taylor…, a lot of Creston and City League guys until 2012 when they found a blood clot in my left leg, and that ended my playing days.” It didn’t end his Macker days though. He can still be found at all the tournaments in Michigan. He’s the big guy in the referee shirt with the stars and stripes cowboy hat looking bigger than life and calling fouls as he teaches the kids life lessons and makes sure they are living the dream on the Dream Court.